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Limitless solutions, all under one roof

RM Property by RentMoola provides a rental industry solutions suite that helps you with your day-to-day management tasks. It automates processes that were done manually, allows your office to go 'paperless', and reduces response times to residents.


Our online payment platform gives your tenants to ability to pay their rent from anywhere, with any payment method.

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Make better decisions, faster when choosing the best renters with next generation tenant screening. Then have them sign their lease agreement right on their phone.

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Keep in touch with your tenants through our maintenance request system, messaging center, and document storage.

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Give your tenants access to exclusive MoolaPerks offers and have them earn rewards with their favorite credit card.

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Collecting rent payments has never been easier.

RentMoola is North America's leading online rent payment platform. Make rent and condo fee collecting easier for you at no cost.

Payment Methods
Offer a wider variety of payment methods to your residents, eliminating the hassle of tenant defaults.

One-Time Payments
Collect one-time payments for items such as damage deposits, fees, maintenance, and last month's rent.

Recurring Payments
Allow tenants to 'set it and forget it' with monthly recurring payments for rent, storage, parking, and utilities.

RM QuickPay
Quickly collect a payment for a one-off charge through RM QuickPay, or send an invoice directly to a tenant.

Accounting Integration
Authorized accounting integration partners include: , , and .

Acquire qualified tenants with our online application & screening service.

Leasing a unit can oftentimes be an expensive and time-consuming process. Partnered with Naborly, our intuitive system reduces the upfront work that you have to do when leasing a unit, giving you more time to focus on the finer details. Coming Soon

Comprehensive Screening
We combine the information provided by the tenant and the credit bureaus into a comprehensive report.

Trusted Recommendations
Using your reports, our system generates recommendations for you to base your decision on.

Intelligent tenant screening provided by

Connect with your tenants in the ways that matter most to them.

Keep in touch with your tenants via our built-in maintenance request ticketing system, messaging center, and centralized document repositories. With RM Property by RentMoola, your tenants are never left in the dark. BETA

Maintenance Requests
Maintenance Requests offers your residential tenants a simple way to report any issues that they are having with their suite.

Messaging Center
The Messaging Center is your hub for communicating one-on-one with your tenants, or with an entire building.

Document Storage
Document Storage gives you a centralized repository to hold all the building documents that every tenant needs to access.

Reward your tenants with a variety of rewards programs and incentives.

Allow your tenants to maximize their credit card cash-back or reward points programs by paying their rent with their favorite rewards credit card, in addition to gaining access to a ton of great incentives and bonuses just for signing up.

Exclusive MoolaPerks
Tenants access exclusive deals on their favorite brands with our MoolaPerks program.

Giveaways & Promotions
Have your tenants enter for chances to win free rent, pre-paid gift cards, and trips around the world.

In this time-is-money world, RM Property by RentMoola has saved us both! It's a must-have for any property manager.

— Carla Browne, RCPM Professionals

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