API Documentation

API Documentation
  1. /charge-types

    Get the list of RentMoola charge types available. These are needed when making payments. Charge types very rarely change, and it's recommended you cache the available types within your application.


    Create users to assign payment methods, make payments and setup recurring payment plans.


      Fetch or update a user by their user ID.


        Get the payments that this user has made.


        Fetch or update this users current recurring monthly plan.


        Fetch the payment methods that are mapped to this user.


          Fetch a payment method by its ID.


          Create a new Credit Card payment method.


          Create a new RM Direct Debit payment method.


    Manage your payments. Make a one time payment, lookup past transactions, or refund a transaction.


      Fetch a past payment by its ID


        Refund a Credit Card transaction.


      Calculate fees by its payment method


    Setup recurring plans to charge new payments on a monthly basis. Plans can be modified or cancelled at any time.


    Get a list of web hook events.


    Get a list of reports.


      Get a list of eft reports.

WebHooks allow you to be notified when specific events happen to your account in real time. We will alert you when transactions are created, refunded or returned, as well as when an onboarding application is updated. All you need to do is provide us with a URL to post the WebHooks to.


You can use these test cards to simulate a successful transaction. Note that International Cards are international for Canadian Clients.

Number Description Card Currency
4444333322221111 Visa Credit Test Card USD
4917610000000000 Visa Credit Card USD
4206720389883775 Visa Debit Test Card USD
5105105105105100 Mastercard Credit Card USD
5404000000000001 MasterCard Credit Card USD
5573560100022200 Mastercard Debit Test Card USD
4530910000012345 Visa Credit Card CAD
4506440000000017 Visa Debit Card CAD
5191330000004415 MasterCard Credit Card Test Card CAD
370123456789017 Amex Test Card for Optimal USD
6011234567890123 Discover Test Credit Card USD
6759950000000162 Maestro Debit Test Card USD
  1. Omnipay

    Omnipay is a payment processing library for PHP 5.3+. It is designed to be a plug and play solution, allowing our API to be implemented in a few easy steps.